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The US lost the war in the Middle East. Europe pays much of the bill, and it is in danger of shaking in the air.

The original strategic thought was to be right next to the so-called Balkans of Asia, ie in the Caspian region or the states -istan. Not for other reasons, but because the area there is full of oil and gas. This is how the war began in Afghanistan, a war that has continued since 2002 and America sank into the marsh. They started the war against Hussein, dreaming that they would succeed very quickly, but they sank even more. They allied with the Kurds and promised them support for the establishment of an independent state. What happened was to take the Kurds to the same marsh. They wanted to throw Assad into Syria, and they were forced to go to war there. The draft seems to continue.

And who wins? Who benefits? Assad and Putin. Washington wanted to close Russia in its frontiers and instead enabled it to have bases in the Middle East. The subsoil of Central Asia trapped America.

Meanwhile, millions of people were blown away, and rushed to be saved in the West. Europe is in danger of being drowned by illegal immigrants. The Middle East peoples are a bite that does not pass through its throat.

The issue for Europeans is no longer to close Russia in its fold but to shut down the volcano that raids refugees. The drama starts from Europe’s inability to respond to the needs of Washington’s ineffectiveness.

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