Yes, the European Union suffers. Yes, she cannot defend her own unique culture either, even though we all know that her culture community is the only thing her nations have in common. If we do not defend it, however, we cease to be Europeans and simply become inhabitants of a continent.

The European Union suffers from a lack of strong will – not only of its leaders but also of its peoples. Either we defend it by calling for a full and functional political union or we let it fall apart. What it means to disband it we know very well from centuries of history: constant wars between nations.

Yes, the European Union suffers. We will fight vigorously for it to stay who we are: the Europeans.

In order to defend the Union of Europe and our Culture we established a Non-Profit Association in Athens, under the Parthenon, on the ground of Democracy, Paideia and Freedom.

If you share our belief to the unique of our culture and the unity of Europe, please write us your email and your ideas.

Panos Thalassinos , President

Athanase Papandropoulos, Honorary President

Members of the Board:

George Mylonas, Michael Demetriou, Petros Kargiotis,

Nicos Kanellopoulos, Michael Spiliotis

Imanuel Drylerakis, Director of Central Europe office

Sabina Serpieri, Communication Officer

Pan. Drakopoulos, The Editor